ImageCollege football season has started.  As usual, the excitement level is high for fans hoping this year will bring lots of win and a high ranking with a big time bowl game at season’s end.  College football has varying levels of investment.

There is the investment of a fan to block off a few hours on Saturday to sit back and watch a game on TV.  There is the increasing investment of a fan who buys a ticket and drives a few miles to watch a game or two.  A greater investment is made by the fan who buys season tickets and goes to each game rain or shine.  Some invest even more of themselves by buying tickets and traveling to some or all of the away games.  Each person has made a fan’s investment – some to a greater and some to a lesser extent – but that does not compare to the investment of the players on the field who give all they have in practice and at game time to secure a victory – sometimes against great odds.

If there is a problem with the modern church it is this: We have too many fans of Jesus and too few followers of Jesus.  We have a lot of people who are willing to invest some but few who are willing to invest all. That’s what it means to be a living sacrifice! (see Romans 12:1)

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