Wednesday was more of a relaxing day… at least at the start. We were able to sleep in a little later, and most of the team took advantage of that luxury. Our flight didn’t leave until after 4, but we chose not to just hang around the pool. After breakfast, packing and morning devotion, we all went into La Romana to eat at Crema, a terrific restaurant and bakery. The food wasn’t quite American, but it was a good time to enjoy a good meal and celebrate the work done. Pastor Juan and his brother Esteban (the engineer for our project) went to eat with us. We were also glad that Luis (a member of the church and our faithful bus driver for the week) and his son Adonde also joined us. It was nice to relax and just enjoy being together – and it’s a good thing since we like being together, since we would spend the next several hours in each other’s company.

After lunch we returned to the hotel to get our luggage in the bus, then we headed to the airport to check in for our flight. That was pretty uneventful and we had some time to do last minute souvenir shopping. We did have to say our goodbyes to the Beardens. They are a remarkable and humble couple that the Lord has used to encourage many men and women to serve outside their comfort zones. Lots of hugs were exchanged even though it was warm and muggy.

We flew from La Romana to Miami in a fairly small plane. We had a few hours of layover time in Miami, so most of us got a bite to eat. From Miami we flew into Atlanta getting our bags sometime after 1:00 a.m. We scattered to the four winds once we got our vehicles, and drove home weary but satisfied. 

On behalf of all those who prayed for us, for the Beardens, and for the work there – THANK YOU! Amy Ferman was feeling much better yesterday evening. We’re hoping and praying that some rest will bring her back to full strength. It was good to sleep in my own bed, drink water from the faucet, and flush soiled toilet paper rather than dropping it into the trash can. It was also good to have continuous air-conditioning.

Now for a nap…

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