If Monday’s word-of-the-day was “dirt,” then Tuesday’s word was “concreto.” We kept the mixer turning, the wheelbarrows rolling and the bucket dumping until we had completely covered the top of the walls to prepare it for a roof. Everybody pitched in to get the job done. We thought we might have knocked off a little early, but we actually went late to get it all done. We left the site speckled with concrete, smelling quite sweaty, but smiling over all that had happened both in construction and relationships.

I’m happy that I’ll be getting back home to my bed, my dog, and my church family and friends, but I’m sorry to be leaving John, Donna and Mady, and the whole gang. Pastor Juan and I are kindred souls in many ways. I’m not sure my old body could handle the constant construction that takes place, but it is such a good feeling to step back and see something solid you’re leaving behind – something that will help with the mission of growing the Kingdom.

Today I met a lady from the church who had been coming every day to assist in whatever way she could. Sadly, about three weeks ago she had fell into one of the newly-dug footers and broke her leg. She had someone driver her to the site to see what was taken place and she specifically asked to meet me. In broken English and with a huge smile she expressed her gratitude for the hard work. Yes, it was worth all the aches and pains.

Our fantastic team leader, Amy Ferman, has not felt well for a few days now. She has headaches and nausea. It could be dehydration, and she’s being treated by professionals right here at the hotel. We gathered to pray for her and ask you to pray. We fly home tomorrow, so we want her to be back at full speed. Keep Matt in your prayers as he helps her get through this. Thanks to Orian Motley and Donna Bearden for taking such good care of her.

We had a great evening at Pastor Juan’s church in La Romana. The ladies fixed a great meal, and the fellowship was precious. I’m going to mix those folks, but hope to be able to come back and see them soon.

Pray for traveling mercies tomorrow. Our flight leaves around 4. More later…

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