Today we dug holes in the dirt, filled holes with dirt, and moved dirt from place to place in wheelbarrows. The word of the day is “dirt.”

Without the aid of a backhoe or a bobcat, we worked on digging out the septic tank for the church in Villa Real, back-filled around the foundation of the church, and basically made the area safer and much better looking. I’ll try to attach a before and after pic tomorrow.

In addition to working with dirt, part of our team spent the day putting primer on the water house. The place is really shaping up.

After lunch (PBJs and SPAM), we traveled to Villa Hermosa to do a short Bible school. Pastor Glad did a super job of relating the story of creation with the assistance of Chinito translating and members of our team doing the “special effects.” We concluded the time with an explanation of Adam and Eve’s fall and how Jesus came so that we could be made right with God. The kids were encouraged to talk to someone in their church about how to follow Jesus and were given a gift bag to help them remember the lessons they learned.

We also got a chance to visit the school at Villa Hermosa. We worked on the second floor last year, and since we left they have added a roof over four classrooms and the bathrooms. It would take approximately $4000 to complete the ceiling over the remainder of the second floor adding two more classrooms and covered walkways.

Tomorrow it’s back to concrete!!!! More later…

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