Today was a day of rest and worship. I thought a lot about what was taking place in Greensboro at Grace Fellowship. I know things are in good hands, but I am eager to get back and get reconnected with my church family. Thank you, Grace, for letting me have this time to serve the larger body of Christ and have a little change of pace (because I assure you the days of resting were scattered among days of pretty intense labor).

We visited the Cave of Wonders ( which were pretty impressive. Not only did we have the usual stalactites and stalagmites and bats, these caves contained paintings that pre-date Columbus. The paintings were made with a mixture of animal fat, charcoal and blood. We followed this up by checking out the numerous iguanas who seemed to like plantain chips pretty well. We topped it off with a picnic in the shade and breeze. It was a good morning.

The afternoon was spent resting, swimming, reading, or various other activities. The evening was spent worshiping at Inglesia Evangelica Dominicana de La Romana. Most everything was in Spanish, but the worship was vibrant and the people loving. I had the privilege of preaching with a great translator. It was an honor to be invited to speak by Pastor Juan who has become a great friend. I look forward to having him speak for me at some point in the future!

We had a late dinner and our devotional, and now it’s time to turn in and get a full night’s sleep so that we can get back to the heavy lifting tomorrow. We’ll also travel to Villa Hermosa to do a Bible school focusing on the story of creation, so pray for us!

More later…

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