Excerpt from Kyle Idleman’s “40 Days to Lasting Change” –

“A friend of mine told me about an elderly man he knew who could no longer take care of himself and whose family made the difficult decision for him to live in a nursing home. Every Sunday afternoon the man’s daughter and her husband and children would go visit him. Every Sunday this elderly man would wait for his daughter and her family to come visit. He looked forward to it all week and was always out waiting for them. As the years passed, his mind grew weaker, and he soon had a hard time remembering his children’s names. He would sometimes have a hard time getting back to his room.

“But no matter what happened, on Sunday afternoon, he was always there waiting for his daughter and her family.

“One day the daughter asked her father, ‘Daddy, do you know what day of the week it is?’ He couldn’t tell her what day of the week it was. So she asked him, ‘Well, Daddy, how did you know to wait for us today?’

“The father replied, ‘Oh, honey, I wait for you every day.'”

Our Father in Heaven is not in a nursing home, nor does He have the onset of dementia, but like the aging father in the story, He waits for us every day.

I read this story as part of my devotional time, and I heard the voice of God in those words, “I wait for you every day.” He does. He truly does! We go through our day filled with school or work or recreation. We spend time watching TV or watching cat videos on YouTube. We dart here and there running our never-ceasing errands. And on Sunday, well, most Sundays, we find our way to church. There we discover God had been waiting for us.

May you hear, this day, His gentle voice saying, “My child, I wait for you every day.”


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