Before launching into this week’s post, I wanted to share a touching response to the last week’s post:

We were blessed to be able to get my dad out to church on that Sunday. He commented about how helpful the greeters were. As we pulled up to the building, we were met by that red umbrella and 4 greeters assisted us with his transfer from vehicle to wheelchair, holding his portable oxygen and covered us with umbrellas. Daddy’s comment was that there are lots of caring, loving people at Grace Fellowship. I agree and I’m so very thankful that he attended his last church service at Grace Fellowship! ❤️

I didn’t see this when it happened, but hearing it brought me a lot of joy!

The point of the first post was that good greeters create a welcoming atmosphere. This week, let’s consider another issue in the greeting ministry –

Good Greeters Are Alert to the Needs of All but especially to our Guests

I’m no longer a subscriber to DirecTV, but I was for about a decade. When I watched, I would often see DirecTV commercials offering incredible deals for new subscribers. Looking at my bill, I was paying w-a-y more than the newbies. I even called DirecTV, enduring really bad music while on hold, to ask if I could get the same deal I just saw advertised. The answer was always the same – “That’s only for new subscribers.”

I would remind the person on the other end of the line that I had been a faithful, paying customer for years. A few times, I had even paid extra to get the NFL Sunday Ticket. If anyone deserved a price break it was me. For all the good it did me, I may as well have had the conversation with a cat. The only offer they made was to add additional programming for a discounted price AND for a limited time. Note: I am not a DirecTV customer anymore.

When I refer to being especially attentive to guests on Sunday morning, I don’t want anyone to get the idea that we should ignore our faithful members. In fact, we need to celebrate their faithfulness and consistency! Greeters should warmly welcome everyone who comes to each service and seek to meet their needs. This may mean helping people in and out of cars, offering to carry something if a person is weighed down, or any other reasonable service we can do. A greeting ministry should actively seek to extend service to each member and regular attendee, but I’d like to share some reasons why focusing on guests must be a priority.

  1. Guests don’t know what to expect. They may be new to our church. They could be new to church period. For long-time members, we’re already comfy here. We know the ropes. We have established relationships. Guests are just that – guests. They need extra attention to help them feel more at ease.
  2. Guests don’t know where to go. A family shows up for the first time looking for a small group. They have a teenager and a four-year-old… and they have no idea what is offered or where to go. This is where a good greeter comes in. He or she asks to assist, knows where to find the classes, and is willing to take them there or have someone do so. This is especially important when the family has a baby or preschool children!
  3. Guests may become future members. Every member was a first-time guest before becoming a member. Everyone who drives on to our property should be viewed as a potential member. Beyond this, the guest may or may not be a follower of Jesus. This may be THE day that they respond to the pull of the Holy Spirit and come to faith in Jesus. Warmly welcoming that person or family may go a long way toward breaking down any walls that might hinder their decision.


We want everyone in our church to be alert to new faces, but we need our greeters, welcome center hosts, and ushers to be acutely aware of those who may be visiting with us. It makes a difference.


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