A person’s worth is not determined by their race, their ethnicity, their sexuality, their occupation, their income, their behavior, or their religion. Each person is made in the image of God, and, therefore, each person has incredible value to Him.

When we disagree with others, even over important matters, we must never fail to recognize the inherent dignity and worth of our “opponent.” When we belittle or dehumanize someone or a group of people, we are not honoring the Creator.

This does not mean we have to water down God’s truth or compromise our values. It does mean that we live each day with the awareness that our battle is not against flesh and blood. We need to recognize our true enemy and be willing to fight our battles in the spiritual realm first.We are not called to agree with everyone.

We are not called to go along with every new cultural wave that comes along. We are called to love everybody always.

John’s gospel tells us that Jesus came full of grace and truth. Let that be our starting point today.

One thought on “Made in the Image of God…

  1. So true. May we be willing to extend the same grace to others as we have received from the Lord.

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