I finally got to try all three of the summer fruit doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. So… here’s how it turned out.

The pineapple was my least favorite of the three. If you’ve ever had the pineapple topping that goes on ice cream, this was what the filling reminded me of. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give this a 3.

The strawberry was better. The insides tasted like strawberry jam. Like the pineapple, the frosting on top didn’t do much to enhance the flavor. If I’m going to go with strawberry, I think I’d rather than a tastier frosting or the flavor in the dough itself. I give it a 5.

The key lime was BY FAR my favorite, though I must confess I like key lime almost anything! The filling was good. Again the frosting on top didn’t add much to the flavor, but it didn’t mess it up. I’d buy this one again… and again… and again. My grade on this one is a 9. (The hot glazed gets a 10 every time!)

Maybe next time I should do a video taste testing. That would give me an excuse to go back to Krispy Kreme … like I need one. 🙂

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