Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

I’ve contemplated what it means to leave a legacy a lot lately. In the span of eight days, I had three funerals and a wedding, so thinking about what really matters in life was often at the front of my mind.

In the funeral service of my dear brother Earl Smith, I shared some thoughts on what it looks like to be intentional about leaving a legacy for the generations to come. These observations were not limited to Earl’s life, but were certainly reflected in it. So, here they are:

Be faithful followers of Jesus, not just on Sunday, but every hour of every day.

Show integrity in your words and your deeds and let your word be your bond.

Take the Great Commandment and the Great Commission with equal seriousness.

Consistently read your Bible and persistently be in prayer.

Give love even when it isn’t returned.

Hold loosely to earthly treasures and live in expectation for a heavenly kingdom.

Teach your children and grandchildren to love Jesus just as you do.

May we learn from the lives of faithful men and women who live out their faith before our eyes, and may we be committed to living faith-filled lives in the eyes of those around us and in doing so both bring glory to God and leave a legacy worthy of following.

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