She may be called mom or mama or mother or by a host of other names.
It is a name she was given, and one she has earned.
Through sleepless nights and seemingly endless days,
She poured out her love without reserve, even when her reserves ran low.

She may have given birth to her child, adopted him, or welcomed her through marriage,
Still she opened her heart and her arms and received them as hers,
And she followed them to school plays, ball games, dance recitals, and doctor’s visits.
She changed smelly diapers, wiped snotty noses, kissed skinned knees, and mended broken hearts.
She is under appreciated and wholly underrated, yet she is a gift from God to children.
She prayed and prayer, even when prayers seemed to be all she had left.

One day is set aside to give her honor, though one day is surely not enough.
She is not perfect in all her ways, and she feels the heavy weight of her failures,
Yet she rises again on each new day to give of herself, her heart, her life
To that little baby, that tottering toddler, that mischievous child, that moody teen, that adult
Who may or may not carry her genes but who carries a piece of her soul.

On this day, we celebrate the gift of mothers, 
And seek to encourage them in their vital calling.
Some children mourn the absence of mothers, 
And some mothers mourn the absence of children.
It is a day of mixed emotions, of tears and laughter and memories.
It is Mothers Day – a small way we say “Thank you,
Another chance to say, “I love you.”
One day out of 365 to praise the woman who is one in a million. 
Happy Mothers Day.

[Photo by Larry Crayton on Unsplash]

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