Jerry Bridges is continuing to refresh my soul as I consider God’s grace each day. Here’s what he wrote that really hit home with me this morning – “We’re dependent upon the righteousness of Christ for our acceptance with God, and upon the power of Christ for our ability to pursue spiritual growth.” In short, it’s all of grace. We are utterly and completely dependent upon the immense, immeasurable grace of God.

We like to think of ourselves as independent. Dependence is an expression of weakness and inability on our part. Well, if we truly believe that we are self-sufficient, we are mightily deceived! From first to last, we are reliant upon God, His grace, and His strength to save us, keep us, and sustain us. I fully reject my independence from God and refuse to live in a false sense of self-achievement. All I have is from Him, and all the glory goes to Him.

May God give us a deeper understanding and appreciation for His grace!

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