In doing a bit of reading this morning, I ran across this article and found it interesting.  It is not written with a Christian worldview, but much of what it points out tracks with God’s truth.

Expecting the worst all the time. All you’re doing by worrying or anticipating something that isn’t happening (and may never happen) “is keeping the stress response turned on way high and not enjoying whatever you could enjoy in that moment,” says Ryan. Essentially, you’re cheating yourself out of happiness.

Passing the buck. If you feel you deserve to be happy and your [insert kid, parent, spouse, job, car or new pair of shoes here] is supposed to make you happy, keep reading. “There’s absolutely positive proof that that’s just not true,” says Ryan. “For a moment something else can actually boost us up, but it’s only a matter of time before we’re looking for the next thing.” It’s an insatiable cycle that won’t result in long-term happiness.

Thinking life should be perfect — and yours isn’t. “Ask yourself three questions at the end of the day,” says Ryan. “What am I thankful for today? What did I enjoy today? And what am I satisfied about today? And you can’t say ‘nothing.’ You have to come up with something.”

Not thinking of others. Ever. It turns out being generous can make you happier.

Expecting life to be fair. Life isn’t fair. And fretting about the lack of fairness that exists essentially leads to comparing yourself, your life or your situation to someone else’s and then feeling worse about yourself, your life or your situation.

(Summarized from M.J. Ryan, executive coach and author of “The Happiness Makeover” on AOL Health)

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