Repackaged, Refreshed, but Insightful Nonetheless

I opened the pages of Dan Miller’s “No More Dreaded Mondays” with great hopes that this book might be markedly different from the plethora of other self-help, get-organized, discover-your-true-calling books that line the bookstore shelves. Although it was not altogether different, the information was packaged in an easy-to-read format and the “Revolutionary Insights” inserted every few pages gave personal stories to highlight the major points.

As I look back through the book, I find that I have highlighted mostly the bracketed quotes.  Perhaps that reflects the way I glean books for re-usable information in my writing and speaking.  That is not to say that the content itself is not worthy of attention.  If taken seriously, the encouragement and truth found in the book could radically alter the course of a person’s life.

As for me, I do not tend to dread Mondays, but for those who do this book could be quite helpful.  It will take a big dose of courage to follow the course charted in Miller’s book, but a man or woman willing to take a few chances may find that this books sets them free to do what they are “called” to do – not just what they have to do.

I fear that for most, however, the lure of security will outweigh the call to meaningful work and financial freedom.  I do plan to pass it along to my son and daughter who are 17 and 19 respectively.  It is far better to begin their journey toward fulfillment with this knowledge than to try to incorporate it once they have some level of security in a job.

One final note:  If someone is looking for a book that is heavy on Scriptural references so find “God’s will” for life, this is not the book.  Although Scripture is used sparsely and may be the heartbeat behind the book, it seems almost an afterthought rather than central to the book’s message.

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