I’m still looking for more details, but a news story on yourclevelandnews.com reports that a man was so seriously injured in a fight with a house cat that he was airflighted to Houston.  I re-read the article to insure that I hadn’t read it wrong.  Could it have been a mountain lion or perhaps a tiger that escaped from the Cleveland zoo?  No – just a house cat.

I am aware that cats aren’t always the friendliest critters in the world.  Fluffy may lay on your lap purring as your stroke behind her ears or she may just as easily scratch you for the fun of it.  Cats are strange that way.  But without belittling what was obviously a serious injury, how does a housecat do that much damage?  I guess sometimes it is the little things that end up causing the most pain.

Perhaps you’ve learned that lesson on your own.  It could have been that little white lie you told a while back.  It seemed so easy at the time, almost innocent, only to turn on you and leave you wounded.  Or maybe it was that glance at the paper next to you during a test.  You saw the answers well enough to pass the test you failed to study for, but the “0” you received from the teacher showed you didn’t get away with it.

God is not only concerned about the big things in your life.  He is also intensely interested in the small things.  In truth, showing integrity in the little things will almost always insure that you are faithful in the big things.

Now, back to finding out more about that cat…

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