After a good breakfast (repeat of Wednesday’s menu), we gathered to pray for both our team and the one working in Bani. We then headed to the school to keep the good work going. Today’s activities including cleaning up scraps of block that have been chipped away, digging a trench to lay a water line, moving the rebar onto the second floor to be put in the form, continuing to nail the forms in place (that’s an ongoing job), as is the pouring of cement. We still have a long way to go. The rain storms slowed us down, but didn’t’ stop us!

Some of the team got into a serious game of wall ball. Lots of laughs all around. William also impressed the local carpenters with his hammering skills — what am I saying? He impressed us all. God obviously gave him the spiritual gift of hammering.

We are awaiting another good dinner and devotional. I’m getting this in early because I’m predicting an early bedtime – for all of us.

Thanks again for your prayers. We’ll be taking some time away from work to celebrate and worship with the church here. I understand that have a rocking praise band. We’ll also be doing some evangelism this weekend- so be in prayer for that!

More to come …

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