This will be a quick update since I’m falling asleep at the keyboard…
The flight from ATL through MIA to SDQ (Santo Domingo) was relatively easy for me, but not so much for my luggage. It appears my big red bag was enjoying the Miami area too much to leave when I did. The plan is to be reunited with my stuff tomorrow, but we’ll see!
The work at Villa Real has gone great so far. A team from Journey Church (Augusta) has been working since last Wednesday to build the foundation for the new church building and water house. In fact, the water house is nearly complete, and the concrete floor will likely be poured tomorrow. In addition, the team will continue to mix concrete for the foundation. I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow if I’m able.
We also took a detour to the school at Villa Hermosa where we worked last year. Good news! A donor provided funds to help put the roof on the large side of the building creating four ready-to-use classrooms and restrooms. It was good to see progress taking place.
Dinner was quite good. My breakfast consisted of an airport bagel. American Airlines didn’t serve even a bag of almonds, so I got a wee bit desirous of food. Sadly, my snacks were in the missing bag! Ah well, John Bearden provided me with a protein bar to help me make it to a substantial dinner meal.
Settled in a the hotel and ready to turn out the light and get some sleep. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve alongside other believers in making a difference in the lives of a whole community that is largely unreached with the gospel.
More later…
P.S. – having a challenge connecting to wifi, so I’m routing everything through the iPhone. Sorry for any delay or formatting issues.

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