On Sunday I began my message by referring to a guy in the Old Testament named Jacob. Jacob was not the kind of guy with whom you’d want to do business. He worked all the angles to his benefit even if it meant steamrolling over his own brother. Strange thing is, even with all his character flaws the Lord had a plan for Jacob that was greater than anything he could have come up with on his own. You and I might have washed our hands of him and written him off, but God didn’t. (If you want to know more about Jacob, start reading in Genesis 25.)

When I look at the life of Jacob, I am reminded of two truths. First, even though we may not be as conniving as Jacob, none of us has a sterling character. The Bible affirms this: “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Second, even when we have failed big time, God can still use us for something great. I’m not saying that there aren’t consequences for your actions, but I am saying that God can use you anyway.

You have failed but you are not a failure. You’ve made mistakes but you’re not a mistake. There is forgiveness from a merciful God and a new beginning.

Oh, in case you didn’t read the stuff in Genesis about Jacob, he reconciled with his brother and God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, but he did end up walking with a limb for the rest of his life.

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