We rolled back into the thriving metropolis of Union Point last night, unwound a bit, spent a little time with the critters, and climbed into our comfy bed to get a good night’s sleep. Other than having gotten used to the central time zone, we woke up ready to face the day.

We could not have been more blessed this morning when we joined with our church family at Grace Fellowship. Not only did Shawn and Tona Slate share powerful testimonies of God’s guidance and grace, we were surrounded by our church family who laid hands on us to pray for Jackie and the family. What an encouragement! What a blessing! The cool thing is that it wasn’t about us; it was about the power of God to enable us to take the next step…whatever that step might be. Everybody has a next step for which they need God-provided courage and faith.

We even got to follow that up by having lunch at our favorite dining establishment, the Bulldog Supper Club. After a super meal, Nancy and I both succumbed to naps this afternoon. We’re taking this Sabbath rest thing seriously today. But you aren’t reading this to find out about us…you probably want to know about Jackie.

She’s better. She feels stronger. The headache still comes and goes, but she’s managing it for now. She has some friends over at her apartment and they were ordering pizza. I am convinced that pizza has medicinal qualities, and I know that good Christian friends make things better. Tomorrow, she plans to get up and go to work and begin to get some normalcy in her life. She is still our little girl but she’s also a working girl. Her next neurologist appointment is Wednesday, and I’ll update you on the results.

Nancy and I want to express once more our deepest heartfelt appreciation for all the prayers you have lifted up and all the support we have received. Every family I know has struggles of one kind or another. From the outside some seem relatively insignificant and others bring with them the weight of the world, but each person’s struggle is real to them and really important. Let us be faithful to lift one another up in prayer and be a source of encouragement and support to each other. We cannot take away someone’s dark valley, but we can quietly walk arm-in-arm beside them. Thanks for all of you who have interlocked your arms with ours.

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