Saturday morning…Is this Saturday morning? This has been an odd and somewhat stressful week. Through it all we are grateful to God for His guidance and strength for all of us. We have been overwhelmed by the love and concern that so many have shown. We have been blessed to have been connected with Dr. Hudgens and the staff at Trinity Medical Center. We would not have planned things this way, but we are confident that the Lord is our Shepherd through it all.

Jackie appears to be a little better this morning. She still has a headache that may be a lingering effect from the lumbar puncture. She will attempt to resume life-as-normal with the addition of some physical therapy at home. If needed, she will go to outpatient rehab – we’ll have to wait and see how it works out.

Gladly, there is not a lot new to report. We expect to see steady progress in the weeks to come. We’ll keep praying for healing and strength knowing that God will do things beyond anything that we can ask or imagine.

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