dark path

There is a path

Dark and foreboding

Leading to where?

We are not sure


We take our steps

For we must go on

Yet each step is filled

With fear and longing

For something more

Something better

Something brighter

For light


Steps uncertain

Direction unclear

Strange noises

And eerie shadows


We go on

This is our path

This is our life

What choice do we have?


We could stop

Lay down

Curl up

Wish the world away

We could quit

Give up

Drop out

Squeeze shut our eyes


Yet even then

The darkness remains

The emptiness threatens

To swallow us whole


Our deepest longing

Our greatest need

Is someone to share

Our dark journey

Someone to care

The touch of a hand

Yet we desperately hide

From what we most want


Do you hear

My muffled cry?

Do you see

My desperate tears?

Will you come?

Will you try?

To reach to me

A desperate soul?

(Dedicated to all those who walk the dark and often lonely path of depression)

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