Despite the problems that exist in this country, when tragedy strikes anywhere in the world it is the United States that leads the way in providing aid and comfort to people in dire need.  It is amazing that the same forces that may be used to wage war are called into action to bring healing and hope.

Navy ships including the U.S.S. Carl Vinson have arrived near Haiti providing medical care for many of the victims of the earthquake.  In addition members of the Marines and the 82nd Airborne are involved in the rescue and recovery efforts.

This should not be surprising to anyone who has paid attention to the news over the years.  If you remember the tsunami in 2004, you will remember that Soldiers, Marines and Sailors were once again called upon to lay down their arms and lend aid to hurting and grieving people.  They did so with valor and compassion.

For all our faults, the people of this nation rise to the occasion in times of need – even when the needs are those of our enemies.  We respond not only because we have the resources, but because we have the will.  Our nation was founded primarily by godly men.  The Bible was the textbook the vast majority of our citizens.  We are steeped in a Judeo-Christian heritage.  From these roots has sprouted many virtues – among them is compassion.

Pray for those who suffer because of the recent earthquake.  If you are able to give, do so generously.  May God use the prayers and gifts to bring comfort as Haiti begins to recover and looks toward rebuilding.

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