I do not enjoy walking out my door into a spider web. It seems they are everywhere!

They appear overnight. The spider works diligently to build to build the web.  Its intent is to catch breakfast. It has no plans to catch a human.  Humans are a nuisance. Those large, hairy creatures just mess up a good night’s work and spoil the day’s hunting.

I guess we  could learn something from spiders about their diligence. Night after night they weave their webs only to have them ripped away in the morning. I’ve never heard one say, “Aw, to heck with it!”

Persistence and diligence are keys to success. If we quit when things get difficult, then we will likely never accomplish anything great. I marvel at men like Thomas Edison.  When he reached experiment 9,999 he was asked by a reporter, “Sir, are you going to fail 10,000 times?” Edison confidently replied, “I have not failed at each attempt; rather I’ve succeeded at discovering another way not to invent an electric lamp.”

Keep chipping away. If the Lord has leading you, then He will provide the way.

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