I have been going through 1 Samuel during my quiet time this month.  There is a lot of truth to glean from those chapters, but what struck me this morning was the contrast between King Saul and future king David.  Saul had God’s favor, but soon the King quit consulting the Lord at all.  He began to do things on his own using his personal wisdom and for his own purposes.  He began to let the people around him determine his actions rather than seeking the will of God first.

As we look at the decisions David made, he regularly stopped to ask God what He should do.  Even when his family was taken captive, he first asks the priest to bring the ephod to consult of the Lord.  Instead of charging out on a rescue mission (which seemed to be a no-brainer), he asks God if he should go.  The Lord said, “yes,” and off David went.

What about me? Do I stop to ask God for direction or confirmation before charging headfirst into my day? Is the Lord actually lord over my daily decisions?

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