I begin with a confession. I have been misspelling “Batey” all week. For those who didn’t notice, “Batey” is not spelled “Batay.” Oh, well, if that’s the worst I do, I shouldn’t complain.

This will be short since I am tired. We finished the trusses today for the church roof. The ladies are almost finished sealing the roof at the clinic. And we are closing in on finishing our part of Pastor Alberto’s house. Waynesboro First Methodist will come next week to wrap up both projects.

Aside from a few cuts and scraps, we’re all doing well. The Lord has blessed us with health all week. Okay, Mallory did have a hammer fly by his head, but I promise it slipped!!!!!

Coming up tomorrow is more work in Pastor Alberto’s house followed by a one-afternoon Bible school. We’re focusing on the story of Noah (Jim Moore is starring in that role). I get to be narrator. We have animal masks (for the animals, of course), water bottles for the rain, and a rainbow parachute for … we’ll you’re smart enough to figure that one out.

Thank you for your prayers. We need them. I want to ask you to pray for salvations in the Bible school and in all of Batey 7. I ask you to fervently pray against the work of the community witch doctor. The tentative plan is to hold a prayer walk/session at his house/temple. May God do whatever it takes to set the captives free.

Finally, we’ve had morning and

evening devotions. They have been fantastic. Sherrie, you’d be proud of PeeWee. He did a super job tonight.

More tomorrow …

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