It was a beautiful day in the DR. Mostly sunny skies with highs in the upper 80s and a good breeze off the water.

We started with a simple breakfast featuring strong coffee and fresh fruit, then we headed to La Hoya to worship in a church building that was partially built by a previous DR team with some GF members. There was no preached message (hey, don’t get any ideas!), instead the youth led the service with song and dance. They had just completed youth week and they were flying high. The excitement was evident the moment we entered the door.

The pastor, Connie, took some heat for her unique approach to reaching the teens in the area. She gave the believing teens responsibility in leading worship. In fact, there are only a handful of adults in the church. You’d think that it would devolve into chaos, but God has used these on-fire kids to reach their friends for Christ. Eight or more youth made commitments to Christ during the camp and were welcomed as brothers and sisters in the service.

Our host John Bearden shared in our evening devotional that his father’s Bible is sealed in one of the concrete columns of the church building. His father passed away shortly before John came to help build the church. In lieu of flowers, donations were made to help Dominicans. As a way to signify this, John’s dad’s Bible was lovingly placed in the structure of the building itself! What a powerful testimony.

The afternoon found part of our group traveling to see the sites … and there are some incredible sites to see. As I have said before, the DR is a beautiful place. The rest of us hung out at the hotel to relax a bit. A little time in the pool, a short nap, and a way along the ocean is always refreshing.

Tomorrow, we are back at it full force. The half-day Bible school will be Tuesday. We’ll spend Monday working on the clinic/church site and continuing the work on Pastor Alberto’s house. In the mean time, Jim Moore will lead a group to witness in the Batay.

More later…

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