It was a good and tiring day. After a hearty breakfast we headed out to Batay 7 to continue the previous day’s work. Good progress was made on the addition onto Pastor Alberto’s house. That means a lot of block was laid by both skilled and unskilled workers! We also had lots of willing little hands to assist.

Worked continued on building the trusses for Alberto’s church … and these are not small things. The cutting took place in the roofless worship center and the construction took place on the roof of the adjoining temporary worship center. Yes, on the roof in the sun. On the other roof some of the dedicated ladies put sealer on the roof of the clinic … also in the direct sun.

We all returned tired and dirty. Showers, supper, and a devotional were a welcome end to a productive day. Tomorrow we’ll head into Barahona to worship at a church that some on the team helped to build. The youth there have prepared something special for us. After lunch we’ll do a bit of sightseeing by bus.

This is a beautiful place with lots of beautiful people. Every one of us is so blessed to be here.

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