We got off to an easy start today. Because of the long travel day yesterday, we took our time getting going. It was not time wasted. We fellowshiped over a good breakfast (the pineapple and papaya are great!) After our devotion and some discussion of the day, we loaded on the bus for a 45 minute drive from PlayAzul (the hotel) and Batay 7. The change of scenery from start to finish was stark!

The Batay is populated primarily by poverty-stricken Haitians. Our tasks were seemingly simple – begin construction of trusses to be used to reroof Pastor Alberto’s church. It currently has no roof at all! In addition, around the church-clinic combination, there were lots of other tasks to be done – painting, helping in the clinic, etc.

We were also to increase the size of Pastor Alberto’s house. Before you think this is some extravagance, Alberto’s house is very small by American standards. It is concrete block with a rusty, leaky tin roof. He has 10 children plus some grandchildren living there!! “Packed like sardines” comes to mind. More details on the construction later in the week.

All this work was begun with dozens of Haitian children trying to help or just trying to get attention. All the team members took time out to play with the children and show them a little love.

It was good to spend some time with Haley Garrett whom our church helped to support (along with other individuals) so that she could serve here for a year. She’s healthy, a little wiser, and still a ray of sunshine.

Okay – more later. Keep praying.

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