Last night we got some rain, so I did not have the chance to log on and blog … so this will of necessity be brief.

The work went along very well. We can come to a stopping point on Pastor Alberto’s house that will not disrupt his family life for the next two weeks as he waits on the next team to finish the work that we began. He (and perhaps more importantly his wife) are quite happy!

Bible school went quite well yesterday. There were perhaps 125 kids who showed up. The story that they heard was of Noah (Jim Moore playing that part). We then made a bee line to the gospel so that each child could hear the good news of salvation. It was a moving time!

Let me update you on the spiritual warfare front. Members of our team have been under assault by the forces of Satan. This came to a head last night, and we came together to stand against it. Sleep last night was far more peaceful as we are determined to come against the spiritual stronghold of evil in Batey 7. We will seek Pastor Alberto’s wisdom as to how to do this, but we are determined to do it. Pray that we will have have discernment and that God will remove all fear. There are so many people in spiritual bondage to voodoo, and even believers who still feel those chains though they have been set free by Jesus. Pray also that the believers in that area will be able to stand up against the subtle pressures brought to bear and the overt threats made. Long after we are gone, spiritual skirmishes will be fought. Praise God the victory is found in Jesus!

More later today, God willing …

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