Today was a shorter day, but still full. We are all pretty tired, so a little less strenuous effort was welcome. After some real spiritual oppression and demonic dreams had by some of our team members, we spent a good part of the evening praying and planning for today. When we arrived, we met wtih Pastor Alberto (on whose home we are working) to find out the best way to approach the situation without causing undue distress on him and his familiy or church members. Basiclally this is how it went …

We march from the church to his house carrying a wooden cross. Our interpreter (who just appeared out of no where on Friday) led the way by singing songs in Spanish. When we arrived, we planted the cross in a sand pile and sang “Nothing But the Blood” and “Holy Ground.” Pastor Alberto then sang a song in Spanish. We shared Scriptures in both English and Spanish, then entered a time of concerted prayer for the believers in the Batey and against the spiritual forces there. Alberto then prayed in Creole a powerful prayer that captured the attention of the entire Batey! It surely carried down to the voodoo temple. After several embraces, we began our work completing replacing half the tin on his roof. The next team will complete that chore, but Alberto and his family will stay out of the elements … and his home will be much larger. We also had teams prayer walk the area near the witch doctor’s place.

I have left so much out of this blog. I did not mention the joy of the children or the tears of our team members or the graciousness of John and Donna Bearden or the truck/van rides to and from the site … or the dust!!!! I’ll leave it to other team members to fill in the details upon their return.

We will leave the hotel at 7 tomorrow for the 5 hour bus ride to the airport. We fly out of Santo Domingo early afternoon and land in Atlanta around 6:30 … God willing! Pray for our safety as we travel. Just as important, if not more so, pray for the believers we will leave behind that they will be strong in the faith and stand against the wiles of the devil.

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