All 14 of our Dominican Republic mission team members are together at the hotel. We’ve eaten, organized, tagged our bags, made our team assignments, and most importantly prayed. Early tomorrow morning (after what we hope is a good night’s sleep) we’ll hop on the bus for the airport to head out on Delta flight 681 to Santo Domingo.

I’ll use this blog to keep you all informed of what God is doing and to send specific prayer requests. The plan is to do this each day, but those plans are contingent on reliable wi-fi – which may not be quite so reliable.

Would you please pray that God would bind this team together as we prepare to do our work?

Team Members:
Matt & Amy Ferman
Kayla Cooper
Eric & Miriam Deberry
Earnest Gaines
Daniel & Amber Brock
Ansleigh Norton
William Leavell
Stacy Malone
Glad Kreimann
Jimmy & Nancy Long

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