It’s warm and humid here in the DR … familiar weather for this crew from Georgia. Our trip was uneventful, which was an answer to prayer. It’s was Kayla’s first flight, but she handled it like a trooper. I even caught her peeking out the window a time or two.

John Beardon (Bearden Ministries) met us at the airport along with Juan Luis (with whom we worked last year). Pastor Juan came with the bus and Luis a faithful brother came with him. No, that is not a typo. It was Juan Luis, Juan and Luis … go figure. We’ll be working with Pastor Juan more as the week progresses.

On our ride to the hotel we stopped at Jumbo (picture a Dominican Walmart) for some supplies. There we met Leo (he’s a good friend and hard worker) and Danny (who is new to us but married to a woman who works at the camp in Bani). We loaded up and headed to the hotel which is very nice. It’s not right on the water, but it does have pool, good meals, and perhaps most importantly it has air conditioning. I’ll have to let you know about the hot water supply later.

After some singing led by Stacy and a devotional by Glad, we had a brief meeting to plan for Wednesday and broke up to relax and get to bed. As I speak, we’ve broken up into small groups talking around the area. I hope to get a few more pics up – or I’ll at least get you the link to a website with pics of the hotel.

Everybody is fine. We all miss being with our families, but we will enjoy meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ and calling others to come join God’s family.

Keep praying. We’ll assess our workload and the possibilities for evangelism in the morning, then roll up our sleeves (actually I guess we’ll be wearing short sleeves so rolling won’t be necessary) and get to work. More later …

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