Today was pretty hot. After having clouds blocking the sun most of the week, we had full sunshine today. It was hot and the work was hard – more bending and tying rebar and more mixing and pouring cement into the forms. People pay good money to work out that hard!

This is the first year we’ve had this many work days strung together. By lunch time, most of us were dragging a bit. The PBJ, chicken salad, and SPAM sandwiches picked us up a bit and gave us the energy to walk the streets of the community. After praying we broke off into three teams each with a translator and went in different directions from the school. I wish I could say that we had mass conversions, but most of us received a similar answer: “Not today.”

We gave out Spanish New Testaments with a message from the church pasted in the front. We prayed for the people we met and shared the good news of Jesus with all who would listen. I can say without reservation that seeds were planted, the gospel was heard, and the church gained valuable contacts for follow-up. I look forward to hearing how God will use that effort for His glory and the betterment of that community.

We still have at least a half a day of work on Monday plus Bible school. Tomorrow is our worship, rest, and play day. I look forward to preaching. It’s a little different with a translator, but God’s Word is still God’s Word – and it still has power to change lives. Pastor Juan, his wife Rena, and all the church folks we have met have been so gracious to us. We’re still raving about the chicken the ladies fixed for us last night – and a few of us want to try the recipe once we get home.

We had a relaxing night. Earnest shared a beautiful testimony to how God is working in him. We are blessed to have each member of this team with us – no doubt, God knew what He was doing when He put us together.

I’ll look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow…

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