This will be short but not because the day was less interesting. I need to start these things earlier.

Today we got to sleep later than normal and most of us took full advantage of it. Devotional and breakfast were an hour later. We kind of did things in reverse order – we went to worship in the Inglesia Evangelica Dominica in La Romana in the evening. Our group loaded into the bus this morning to go to Casa de Campo – a beautiful resort right on the ocean. We’ve had some team members post pics on Facebook, so hopefully a few of have gotten to see some.

This was our relaxation day. It was hot and humid, but the scenery made it worthwhile. No wonder so many of the rich and famous go there to play in the winter. We got to pick up a couple of souvenirs, eat a little ice cream, and just enjoy each other’s company. No golf for me, but I did trot out to the 18th green at the Dye Four course.

Back at the hotel some napped, some walked around, and others enjoyed the pool. About 5:30 we left for the church. The praise band was in full force. Most of the songs were familiar, so we sang in English while our new friends sang in Spanish. I had the privilege to preach and had an excellent interpreter – who was the pastor’s sister-in-law. I kept it simple and talked about Jesus – which is always a great subject. And what a terrific time we had after the service speaking broken Spanish and communicating with church members speaking broken English. Far from frustrating, it was a joy!

Nearly everyone has gone to their rooms now. Tomorrow is our final day. More work and Bible school await. We’re all eager to get home and wanting to stay. I guess that’s the way it is with mission trips!

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