After our devotional this morning, we loaded up and headed to the school for the final time this trip. After a day of rest it was probably a little harder getting into the swing of things, but we did. After carrying the bags of concrete mix up to the second floor – and, yes, I did haul one 80 pounder up there myself – we mixed and poured what we had into the remaining forms. We were able to complete a good bit of the project but there’s still a lot to be done. The hardest part will be pouring the concrete roof, but we are overly disappointed that we are not involved in that project.

After a FULL morning’s work, we cleaned up, ate lunch, and headed to the chapel for Bible school. We shared the story of Noah’s faithfulness to God and God’s faithfulness to save Noah and his family. It was an interactive story with the children and one of our adults wearing matching animal masks, Matt squirting water on the children to signify the rain fall, and Glad playing the part of Noah. At the conclusion of our story, Pastor Juan came forward to share that Jesus is the “Door” to our salvation. Over 15 responded to receive Christ. It was a beautiful time.

After loading up all the tools, taking a few more pictures, and saying our goodbyes the children and workers, we loaded the bus to head back to the hotel. We did make a brief stop at a place to buy souvenirs and after dodging a few street salesman rode back to the hotel basking the the joy of a great week.

We are now cleaned up and relaxing before dinner. Pastor Juan and his family will be joining us. I am pretty sure we have made life-long friends. We’ll get one more night here in the DR and fly out tomorrow. Did I say that it’s been a great week?

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