One more blog before I go…

Today has been pretty relaxing thus far. Everything is packed, and the bus will be here within the hour. We’re hoping to get on our flight home a bit more quickly than last year when we had about an hour just standing in line.

Our last team devotional was a time of sharing. We each had secret prayer partners for whom we have been praying. This morning we revealed who we have been praying for and what we learned from them. It is always a special time, and this morning was no exception. It ended in hugs and tears and laughs. We are eager to see our families but not so eager to leave. In spite of the muscle fatigue, we’d all gladly pile back into the bus to go back to the worksite.

We enjoyed spending time with John Bearden. He has a huge heart for the Dominican people. We missed seeing Donna and Mady this year but have been keeping them in our prayers as well.

We are already talking about next year and the possibilities that await. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about coming. Begin praying now for God’s guidance and provision. On behalf of the team we thank you for your faithfulness in prayer, and ask that you lift us up on our return home.

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