Well, that didn’t work out so well. Posted but the text didn’t show up. There’s no way I can remember what I typed… oh well. I’ll make it unsatisfactorily brief.

All is well. I’m at the camp enjoying some time with the Beardens It’s dry here and hot, but not oppressively so. As long as I keep the mosquito spray on me, I should be fine!

I don’t have the bandwidth to post pics, but I’ll try to do so when I can. The camp has really shaped up since our first visit here.

And for those of you worrying I’d waste away, fear not! Donna is feeding me far better than I deserve.

Next week the team from Waynesboro First United Methodist comes to continue the work in Villa Real. Looking forward to seeing the walls start to go up on the church building there.

Thank you for all the prayers. Keep our team lifted up. Satan doesn’t like it at all when we do out to show the love of Jesus and share the gospel.

More later…

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