Today we went to a small church in La Hagua for worship. I caught a word or two in Spanish, but mostly I just worshiped and appreciated the genuineness and passion of Pastor Santiago.

The afternoon was spent resting. Because of the heat, it’s easy to fall asleep with fans blowing.

I also came to appreciate my Grace Fellowship church family even more. They are rallying around Nancy as she deals with the electrical issues we’ve had. I cannot thank them enough for all they are doing, and I look forward to hugging all of them. I also appreciate Rick Jenovese preaching this morning for me. It really puts my mind at ease.

For those keeping up with my writing, I just finished chapter nine. Six more to go!

Keep praying for the work here and for our team preparing to fly out on the 18th.

More later…

One thought on “DR Mission Trip – June 8 – La Hagua

  1. Missed you yesterday, but all went well from my point of view. Good start to Kid’s week today. Praying for you daily.

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