Today was a relatively easy day. Spent a little time with the Beardens, but most of the day was spent trying to push through chapter 10. I’m not quite there yet, so tomorrow may be the day.

I got some clothes washed, dried on the line, and folded. I’ll pack up tomorrow. Not quite sure how I’ll get all that stuff back in the suitcase. Trash bags may be my go to luggage accessory.

It got pretty toasty here today. The sun was beating down and the humidity was up there near 100%. The evening was nice with a gentle breeze. One mosquito found the one spot where bug spray didn’t land!

Tomorrow we’ll pack everything up so we can leave for La Romana on Wednesday morning. The team from Waynesboro will fly in there about noon.

One thing of interest, I have discovered that there may be as many as three Krispy Kremes in Santo Domingo … just saying …

Thanks for the prayers. More later …

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