We packed up a lot of stuff and headed to the Santo Domingo airport this morning to pick up the team from First United Methodist of Waynesboro (the Bearden’s home church). Lunch was at the airport, then we headed to the hotel.

I got to spend some good time with Pastor Juan whose church is in La Romana. We got to know him last year, and he is a wonderful pastor. He also has a great family. His wife the the head of the Christian school in Villa Hermosa where our team worked last year. Good news on that front: the roof is now on four classrooms on the top floor. They will continue to be able to meet the needs of the community and still grow the school.

I was looking forward to air conditioning after a week without it. When I got into the hotel room, the a/c was running but it was a little week. I figured I could deal with 70-72 degrees. After devotional I came back to the room to unpack and clean up before bed and the room felt warmer. You guessed it – the a/c is out. Nothing to be done about it tonight but endure. At least I’m used to it.

We head back to Villa Real after breakfast to finish pouring the foundation and begin framing to pour the roof of the water house. If all goes according to plan, we’ll start laying block tomorrow. Since school is out, there will also be plenty of time to play with the children in the area. That is just as important as anything else we do!

Keep praying. More later …

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