Today was a writing day. The team from Waynesboro wen to the site at Villa Real. The big accomplishment was to pour the roof on the water house. It took lots and lots and LOTS of concrete. If you’ve never been on a bucket line, you have no idea just how much fun (translate as “back-breaking work) it is. Literally bucket after bucket of cement is passed from person to person, then up a level to a person on homemade scaffolding then up another level to whoever is on the roof pour it. It took until 3pm to get it done.

The team was also able to work on more of the church walls. That will be the main focus of today’s effort at the site. Lord willing, by the end of the day there will be some big time progress on the walls.

I will venture out with Juan Luis to the SCORE International camp site near here to help install a water purification system. By “help” I mean that I will keep Juan Luis company and be his go-fer. As you pray today, add Ron Bishop (founder of SCORE Int’l) to your prayer list. He is in serious condition because of a blot clot. He has done a lot of great work in sharing the message and love of Jesus with many thousands around the world.

My task yesterday was to continue my writing project. I completed chapter 11 and began chapter 12. The 15th and final chapter is at least in sight now!

Have a blessed day. Keep praying. More later …

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