Today was a bit of a different day. The team from Waynesboro went directly to Villa Real to keep on building the block walls of the church. I had the opportunity to go to Juan Dolio to help with the install of a water treatment system. “Help” may be an exaggeration. I did hand Juan Luis and Chinito stuff, but as for real work… not so much. But it was cool. It will provide clean drinking water for the church at SCORE International and for many in the surrounding area.

We did get back in time to help with some of the final work on the Villa Real site. Lots was accomplished and the crew was super weary. I am extremely proud of the teens who gave a week of their summer to make a difference in the lives of others.

Tomorrow the team will go visit the caves/caverns tomorrow while i stay at the hotel and write. We will join Pastor Juan at his church in La Romana tomorrow evening.

I truly appreciate your prayers – and don’t forget to pray for those preparing to leave on Wednesday as part of the Grace Fellowship team.

More later…

One thought on “DR Mission Trip – June 14 – Juan Dolio & Villa Real

  1. Pastor Jimmy, it’s Andrew and Dien here. Thanks for all the updates the progress you are making is outstanding and so great to hear the vision is now becoming real. All the best to you and the team and know that Dien and I are pulling for you and praying for you here in Florida.

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