Today was a bit different from the norm. We got to sleep late since we weren’t leaving for the work site. I turned off the alarm and woke up at my usual time. Oh well … I did force myself to lay there a little longer. Breakfast was quite good. For our team that is coming next week, the good news is that they have learned to cook scrambled eggs beyond the point of egg soup. They even had cheese in them this morning. In other words, you may get something more than just a ham and cheese sandwich.

There is another team here with 38 folks who are working with a separate mission. Nice folks with a real heart for connecting people to Jesus. Their team members come from all over, but their leaders are from Texas. They encountered in your truly a real enigma – how a person can be a Texas Rangers fan (MLB baseball) AND a Washington Redskins fan (NFL football). If you don’t understand that statement, just skip this part and move on…
The Waynesboro team left for their Sunday excursion. They visited some caves near here and an Iguana habitat. I hung back to write a bit more. I think I have the first draft complete. If I have time, I’ll try to review the chapters for blatant typos and other mistakes.

I did have the joy of getting very touching messages from my two incredible kids. I miss spending Father’s Day with them, but their words made the day really, really good. I also heard from Rick Jenovese that the service went well this morning in Greensboro. I prayed for you guys – and I appreciate all the prayers you’ve sent this way.

Tonight we went to Pastor Juan’s church in La Romana. The music was rousing, as usual. Pastor Juan didn’t speak but had a guest speaker who had been with them since Friday night. He was quite dynamic. Even though the whole service was in Spanish, I actually caught a few words here and there – at least enough to know the basics of his message.

we got a super late dinner tonight because of the evening worship service. The food is really good. For those who are coming, you will be happy, happy, happy. They even have their own garden in which they grow the veggies.

Tomorrow it’s back to the site to get as much block laid as humanly possible. The afternoon will be spent doing Bible school with the kids. I must say that the teens from FUMC Waynesboro are doing an admirable job and most of them keep smiles on their faces.

Oh, before I sign off – today is Donna Bearden’s birthday, so we got to celebrate with her tonight. She got two cakes, that’s TWO cakes. If we just had some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla to go with them, it would have been perfect. We’re so blessed to have John and Donna (and Mattie) down here setting up these trips. The Lord has truly used them to bless both Dominicans and Americans … and more than a few Haitians.

Time to turn in. Back to the block line tomorrow. More later …

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