Today was a full day of work. We arrived at Villa Real and got to work toting block and buckets of mortar and wheelbarrows of cement. The walls are nearly complete on the building. The carpenter and his assistants were nailing he forms into place for he headers over the windows and doors. The plan is to pour those on Tuesday. In addition, the foundation was dug out and poured for the bathrooms, the roof was completed for the water house and we got a good bit of the work done on the platform for the water tank from the brand new well on site.

It took all day long for the drillers to hit water. If I heard Pastor Juan correctly, the depth was 160 meters! I’m sure there will be plenty of salt and other particulate matter in the water, so the water house purification system will provide clean, safe drinking water to the church members and surrounding community. It will also give the church the opportunity to tell people about Jesus, the Living Water. You can check out their work at

The weary but eager Waynesboro youth did a Bible school for a number of kids in Vila Real. I got to see the rehearsal, but was still hoisting buckets to the top of the water house so I missed the actual dramatic telling of the story of the Good Samaritan. The hope is that the children understood and will be open to the message of the Gospel.

Tonight was our second night of having 2 mission teams at the hotel. The other team has 38 members from all over the US. They’re great folks who love the Lord and roll up their sleeves to serve here in the DR, but we’re having to work on logistics when it comes to dinner. Tonight there was plenty of food. The night before it was a little skimpy. I guess it’s a learning process for the  staff. As long as one is patient, then one will find enough grub to survive till morning!

I mentioned Ron Bishop earlier. He is the founder of Score International, a worldwide ministry reaching people for Jesus. Thanks for your prayers. He has experienced the ultimate healing and has gone to be with Jesus. May God comfort his family and continue to bless the ministry to which he gave his heart. More info on here:

I’ve had a little trouble getting my blog posts to publish – likely because of a combination of a bunch of wifi users and something to do with WordPress. Since I woke up at 2:20 this morning, I am going to give this a shot. At least I’ll have less competition for bandwidth!

Pray for the Waynesboro team as they work their last day on site and do a Bible school at Villa Hermosa. Pray also for the Grace team that leaves for the airport hotel on Tuesday for an early morning flight on Wednesday. I’ll be happy to see those familiar faces! More later …


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