Another productive day on the site at Villa Real. We have the walls of the church nearly complete and poured headers on both sides before we left. Some Dominican workers will work tomorrow to move things forward even more. The two teams from Augusta and Waynesboro have done some terrific work, and I have been privileged to have worked alongside them. We finish each day tired and dirty but with a feeling of accomplishment. I think when our Grace Fellowship team gets to Villa Real on Sunday, they will be pleasantly surprised at the progress… then they’ll start pouring the columns and asking themselves why they came on the trip to begin with!!!

Tonight Pastor Juan’s church will feed the team dinner. I’m sure it will be excellent as it always is. They really go all out to show how much they appreciate the teams who come and give their vacations to help the churches and communities here. 

The Waynesboro team flies out tomorrow from the Santo Domingo airport, so pray for them. Our team will be eating dinner near the airport tonight then flying out tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting them here and the Dominicans here are, too. 

On a more spiritual note (I do that from time to time), yesterday’s well-drilling was an all day affair. The rhythm of the drilling machine pounding away got to be monotonous. The guys stuck with it until they finally broke through late in the day. I didn’t ask them, but they had to wonder how much longer it was going to take!

Prayer is like that. Jesus said to keep on asking, to keep on seeking, and to keep on knocking. There is a persistence to prayer. It can sometimes seem monotonous, and you may wonder if you’ll ever break through but don’t stop! Keep going back again and again until the prayer is answered, God gives you peace, or the Lord says that you’re headed the wrong direction. A big part of prayer is not just getting the answer we want but is trusting that God hears us and that He is using the process of prayer to change us as much as to change the circumstances around us. 

More later …

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