Wednesday was a more relaxing day. We said good-bye to the team from FUMC Waynesboro. John and Donna’s home church team did so much. They went home tired but satisfied. I pray that the impact of the trip for both them and the Dominicans will be long-lasting.

We got a chance to rest a bit at the hotel before going to grab lunch, pick up groceries for the team, and head to the airport to pick up the Grace team. After a bit of a delay leaving Atlanta, they arrived with eager eyes and lots of luggage! Marie Harder had some difficulty in securing her passport, but it finally came and she’ll be traveling on Thursday – so pray for her safety.

Once we got everyone settled, we had a very good dinner and met for devotional and planning. Each person has an assignment, and if this team is like our previous teams, each person will do what they are asked to do in a timely fashion without grumbling.

Today’s task will primarily involve putting concrete in buckets and passing them upward to be poured into columns. It’s not the way we’d do things in the states, but the Dominicans have it down to a science. I am excited for the team to see the progress made before their arrival.

Thanks for praying for the team while they traveled and during their time here. More later …

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