Thursday was a full day. Speaking for myself, it wore me slap out! Like the rest of the team, I am privileged to be able to serve.

Pouring the cement columns for the building is a labor-intensive task. Basially, we use the mixer (an item for which we are all infinitely grateful) to mix the cement, pour batch after batch into wheelbarrows, roll them to the appropriate column, shovel the cement into buckets, then pass the buckets upward about twelve feet, pour them into the column framework, toss the bucket down, and continue the process until each column is full. Of course, there is the the lull after the mixer is empty and a new batch needs to be remixed, but that’s the time to get some water or Gatorade and take advantage of shade.

In addition, Bob Motley worked with Freddy to frame up and pour the stoop at the front of the water house and we got the platform for the huge water tank poured. A line will need to run from the well to the tank, then from the tank to the water house for treament, then the clean water will be pumped to a white tank on top of the water house to be used to fill water jugs. The water house may be one of the most effective means of reaching the Villa Real’s citizens with the Gospel.

Friday’s task will include pouring more columns, moving block to the areas still needing it (the bathrooms behind the building and the wall of the church on the left side. We also need to run a little pvc pipe and finish the steps to the water house. I’m sure there will be a couple of wild cards in the day, but that’s kind of normal.

Marie Harder arrived safely today. She’ll jump in with the rest of us today. Each person doing their part makes things happen. It’s just like that with the church, the body of Christ. God didn’t make us all the same, but when the members of the body do their part, then the whole body functions better!

I miss being with my church family, but at least some of them came down here to be with me … and that’s a good thing. More later…

One thought on “DR Mission Trip – June 19 – Villa Real

  1. Continuing to pray for you…for God’s protection, strength, stamina. May each of you glorify the Lord in all that you do today.
    Jim and Anne

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