After Adam and Eve had sinned by eating of the fruit in the Garden of Eden. the fallen couple heard God walking in the garden and hid in the bushes. Although God knew exactly where they were, we read these words in Genesis 3:9: “But the LORD God called to the man, ‘Where are you?’”

Why was this question asked? The Lord knew their hiding place. It is far more likely that the question was intended to force Adam to confront what had just happened. Prior to eating of the fruit, the first couple had enjoyed perfect peace and communion with God. After the fall, they felt dirty and experienced guilt and shame. This is not what they had hoped for. It was not what the serpent had promised. But it was their new reality; they were fallen, broken, guilt-ridden, fearful, and dead inside.

Question-Mark-PhotosPerhaps the Lord is asking you the same question today: Where are you? Maybe you once walked closely with the Lord. You looked forward to quiet time in His Word. You cherished a vibrant prayer life. But now, somehow, there is distance and coldness.

Have you heeded the promises of the serpent that are sprinkled with glitter and perfume? Have you bought into the lie that sin is sweet and that somehow you’ll avoid the bitterness of consequences? Have you drifted away from your nearness to the Lord and found yourself somewhere you never expected to be? Where are you?

On every map posted at highway rest stops, there is an “X” or an arrow marking the spot where you stand. That “X” indicates “You are here.” Before you can chart a course to someplace, you’d better know where you are. The same is true spiritually.

If you want to draw near once again to the Lord, then take some time to discover where you and how you got there. God’s door is open for you as it is for every prodigal child. You can go home. You can draw near. You can experience once more the joy of your salvation.

Where you are? If you don’t like the answer to that question, then admit that you have fallen, turn from your sin, and run into the arms of the God of all mercy and grace.

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