I’m still using my iPhone, so brevity is essential. The short story is that it was a good and tiring day. 

After some tasty omelette scooped by Mallory Granuiz, we returned to the site but did a brief Bibke School rather than working on the water house. We told two Bible stories with all the drama we could muster. The kids had fun, received a small bag of goodies, and best of all they heard about eternal life in Jesus. 

Following the Bible School, we laid the rest of the blocks and poured the concrete for the floor. Everyone is a wee bit tired tonight, so I’m sure we’ll be retiring very soon.  

Tomorrow we’ll do Bibke school here at the mission house, then return to the site to see how far we can get before resting and worshiping on Sunday. 

Once more, thank you for your prayers. 

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