It looks like it’s going to be short posts for this trip. For some reason my iPad won’t connect to the Internet, so I’ll have to stick with hunting and pecking on the smaller phone keyboard. 

Our team divided up to enjoy some of the niceties of this area. Part of us went to a very nice beach, and the rest went on a zip line through a lush valley. All of us had fun, and there were no broken bones – though a little sunburn occurred and a few bruises were acquired. 

Tonight we worshiped with the Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana in Gaspar Hernandez. Stacy Malone had the opportunity to sing and I was privileged to preach. As always, it was a blessing to worship with our Dominican brothers and sisters. 

One other interesting happening – on our drive back to the mission house to get ready for worship, we had to weave our way through some unreal traffic. I hope to post video of that adventure soon. 

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